DRAGOMANOV, Mikhail Petrovich

DRAGOMANOV, Mikhail Petrovich (18/30.09.1841 — 20.06/02.07.1895) — historian, publicist, sociologist, philosopher, public figure. Was born in g. Gadyach in Poltava in a noble family. Studied in Hadiach district school, The Poltava gymnasium and the historical-philological. the faculty of the University of St. Vladimir, who finished 1863 g. In 1864 — 75 gg. he teaches history here, leads resonant journalistic work, becomes one of the […]

Vladimir Kirillovich Vinnichenko (1880 — 1951)

Vladimir Kirillovich Vinnichenko (1880 — 1951) Ukrainian thinker, writer, publicist, political public figure. Born in Kherson in the family of shepherd. Not having finished the gymnasium, he had to go to work and educate ourselves. Passing external examinations at the gymnasium, Vinnichenko entered the law Department of Kiev University, where included in the active political life, becomes a member of the Revolutionary Ukrainian party (RUE, […]

Philosophical views of Ukrainian writers and cultural figures

Majestic figure in Ukrainian literature, what impact on the culture and worldview, - this T. Shevchenko (1814 — 1861), which appealed to their thoughts and creativity to the pam’monuments of national history. Referring to this phenomenon, the poet wrote in justification of the structure of the album “Picturesque Ukraine”: “Within my homeland… remained still many traces of ancient upheaval, challenges once this […]

The ideal status of consciousness being. Consciousness and language.

The fact, that consciousness is not subject to direct sensory observation, she is not fixed with the help of instruments or indicators, finally it is determined as ideality. Ideality, as we already know it from historical and philosophical achievements, contrasted with real, clothing: property (and the word “real” comes from the word “case”) has the spatial-temporal characteristics, and perfect outside of time and space. Becomes […]

Consciousness and self-consciousness (subconscious,unconscious,conscious)

Consciousness as inner world of a person has a complex structure, one traditionally explored philosophy and psychology. In the XX century. the structure of consciousness have been studied by philosophical school, as phenomenology, psychoanalysis, existentialism, structuralism, hermeneutics, cognitive psychology, etc.. Given the results of the latest achievements, it should be noted, the complexity of fixing the structural units of consciousness is the need to distinguish between functional and effective properties, which […]

The problem of the origin of consciousness, development and essence of consciousness

 The peculiarity of the philosophical analysis of consciousness is to reveal its existential roots, the most important features, properties and functions. All these problems are often contingent on the historical analysis of consciousness, and the last lies in acknowledging, when consciousness arises and undergoes certain changes in the development process of the society. Therefore, to the philosophical problems of consciousness concerns primarily the problem of its origin; it […]

The concept of consciousness. Signs of consciousness

Consciousness - This amateur, samostalni the process of inscribing individual events, phenomena, impressions, sensations in total (the only, comprehensive) subject field of intelligent design. This is how the individual consciousness, this is how the historical consciousness of mankind, this is how scientific knowledge. One of the great mysteries of the world is the human ability to perceive, to understand reality, that is human intelligence. It is striking in its beauty and power, nevičerpnìstû and […]

The philosophy and ideas of Grigory Skovoroda

A kind of system of philosophical and poetic perception has developed the most famous inmate of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy – Hryhorii Skovoroda . Biography G. The pan is known in great detail. Born 3 December 2021 g. in the village the Seamy side of Lubny district of the Poltava region in the family was enough wealthy Cossack free. The philosopher received a good education. He first studied at a local school, and later at the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. In 1741-1744 […]

Ukrainian philosophy as an organic part of the Ukrainian spiritual culture.

Philosophy - the phenomenon of human. She explores the, what was in the past and is nowadays the core of human values, samosval, spiritual achievements. Ukrainian philosophy in real existence appears to be part of the global philosophical process, more precisely - development of European philosophy: Ukrainian philosophy originates in the gradual movement of their own culture (as, for example, in Greece, or […]

The status of religiosity and religiousness in Ukraine: history and modernity

Humanistic ideas of the thinkers of Western Europe influenced the formation and dissemination of ideas of religious tolerance, freedom of religion, freedom of conscience in Ukraine. As was rightly pointed out In. In. Vernadsky: “the national consciousness of the Ukrainians was developed on the grounds of the ethnographic peculiarities of the psyche, thotti and cultural accretions, that connect Ukraine with Western Europe, and historically conditioned system of people's life, imbued with the spirit of democracy”. […]