The concept of planetary atmospheres

Земля окружена атмосферой— слоем воздуха, which is retained at the Earth's surface by forces of attraction. Earth's atmosphere is a mixture of nitrogen (78%), oxygen (21%) and small amounts of carbon dioxide, water vapor and other gases. The atmosphere plays a very important role in the thermal balance of the Earth. Well it transmits the sun's visible light rays. Absorbing them, поверхность Земли нагревается и испускает тепловые […]

General characteristics of modern geoecological situation in Ukraine

Environmental security of any country cannot be achieved only by environmental measures without considering social, political and demographic problems. These issues are so intertwined’related, the solution of each requires their combined consideration. In Ukraine, where most of the territory is converted natural systems, all man-made and the vast majority of natural disasters stand’related, as a rule, the negative environmental consequences of such adverse […]

Pollution Of The Hydrosphere

Introduction water is the most common inorganic compound, “the most important mineral” on Earth. Water resources near atmospheric and space resources are inexhaustible natural resources. They are inexhaustible as the physical body. However, resources such as water and air are significantly exposed to significant changes in the process of technogenesis, and with a significant pollution of the possible exhaustion of these resources. 20th century […]

The Laws Of Ecology

The law of the biogenic migration of atoms (or the law of Vernadsky): migration of chemical elements on the earth's surface and in the biosphere as a whole is under prevailing influence of living matter, organisms. This had happened in the geological past, millions of years ago, this happens in modern conditions. Living matter or takes part in biochemical processes directly, or creates the corresponding, oxygen-enriched, вуглекислим […]