Качественная подготовка к экзаменам

В преддверие окончания очередного учебного года и наступления периода сдачи экзаменов в средних и высших учебных заведениях. С еще большей силой разгорается вопрос о поиске дополнительных знаний. After all, к большому сожалению, современная система образования не дает достаточного количества знаний для поступления в ВУЗы и сдачи государственной аттестации. Поэтому вполне объяснимо, почему учащиеся все чаще обращаются […]

Interference of waves

Imagine, that on the surface of the water waves are propagated, coming from two different points of. These waves will overlap in those places, where they meet and intersect. However, each of the waves, passing meeting place with another wave, continues to spread on so, as if the meeting was not. This means, что распространение в пространстве волн […]

The speed of wave propagation and its relationship to wavelength and period (frequency) hesitation

Remember, that if fluctuations in the phase displacement Wednesday. The speed of propagation of vibrations in elastic phase speed is called wave Wednesday. Because the phase velocity v in the isotropic Wednesday is constant, You can find, dividing the movement phase of the wave at the time, for which it was. As for time t the phase of the wave moves at the distance of λ, it: v […]

Add vibrations, occurring on one straight line

In practice, it often causes fluctuations against each other. For example, If on the floor there are two motor, working at different speeds, then Paul commits complex oscillation, which results from the blending of the oscillations, caused by the operation of each engine separately. The resulting wobble can be quite challenging on your mind. Consider the addition of harmonic oscillations of the same frequency, that occur on one […]

The volume and intensity of the sound

Sounds, We hear, We are qualitatively different sensations. One of the distinct qualities of our sound is its volume. Volume — the notion of subjective, one and the same sound to one person may seem loud, and the other is quiet. An objective assessment of the volume is the intensity of (or power) sound. The sound intensity I measure the energy, which carry sound […]

Standing waves

When the reflection of waves occurs phenomenon overlay fluctuations. In figure. 24.20, as you can see, as the reflected waves are superimposed on the fundamental wave. This means, that each point on the surface of the water there, where the waves overlap, commits complex oscillation. If by the end of the thread, thrown through block D (rice. 24.22), hang a small element out of the, а другой конец нити привязать к […]

Transverse and longitudinal waves

Back again to the waves on a string, where you can see, that wave runs right, and each point of the cord moves up or down around the equilibrium position. Wave, where variations occur Wednesday particles perpendicular to the direction of wave propagation, called transverse. They consist of a series of alternating bulges and depressions. As said above, that cord, когда по нему бежит […]

Nature sound. Sound waves.

Let us find out the physical nature of sound phenomena. As you know, to produce a clean sound enjoy tuning fork. When the tuning fork produces sound, the ball bounces off his feet, because it varies (rice. 25.1). Experience shows, that is always the sound of any oscillating body, During its fluctuations creates environmental Wednesday mechanical waves (rice. 25.2). Когда эти волны […]

Pitch and timbre

Another sound quality, that can distinguish between people, is the pitch. For example, easily distinguished from bumble bee buzz mosquito Squeak. The sound of a flying mosquito called high tone, and the buzz of the Bumblebee is a low tone. Show through experience, that pitch is an objective audio quality and uniquely determined by the frequency of oscillations in sonic wave. Let's bring in the rotation of the gears […]

Speed of sound

Each of us knows, that when you see the first thunderstorm lightning flash, and then you hear the Thunder. This phenomenon is explained by the fact, speed of light propagation in hundreds of thousands of times the speed of sound. As time spread very little signal light, When determining the sound velocity it can ignore. Experience to determine the speed of sound in […]