Skype привязался к Microsoft Live и вы потеряли доступ к аккаунту Skype. Solution.

So, если вы здесь, значит вы потеряли доступ из-за Microsoft Live и не можете зайти к себе в аккаунт на компьютере. Вот и я столкнулся с такой проблемой. Сейчас расскажу как обойти систему безопасности и верификации в Skype, но этот способ подойдет только если вы помните ваш пароль и логин. Но вас не пускает проверка, […]

Как обойти нулевой сеанс и как запустить и остановить приложение, с помощью Windows Service

Привет читатель ! Если ты попал сюда, значит тебе срочно нужно создать с помощью Windows Service демона который будет открыть или закрывать приложение когда тебе это будет нужно. Но вот не задача ! есть запрет от Microsoft, после версии Windows Vista, сервисам запрещено выполнять программы прямо на рабочем столе, они выполняют их в своемНулевом” […]

Почему mozilla firefox перестала открывать закрытые вкладки

Почему сочетание клавиш Ctrl+Shift+T перестали работать ? Solution : - Скорее всего вы установили в недавнем времени какое-либо расширение или дополнение, которое использует такое же сочетании клавиш. Попробуйте выключить все ваши расширения и попробовать нажать Ctrl+Shift+T снова. - Идем вМеню-Настройки-Приватность”. И во вкладке выбираемfirefox будет запоминать историю”. Если ну уж очень нужна эта […]

Visual Studio, you cannot change the installation path

Заходите в regedit.exe Правка - To find… Enter ” Program Files (x 86)\Microsoft Visual Studio ” without the quotes.(P. S. This is if you have installed the first time Visual by default, If there is no - you will have another way to install Visual, it and write in the search.) Put your fingers on F3, DELETE, ENTER. And exactly this sequence start delete. […]

Asynchronous mode Atmega16. Power-save mode.

I decided to write a program to automatically close doors in the unit dormitory after 24:00 microcontroller. Actually I was faced with a huge number of pitfalls, and since articles in order to remove the stones I found, but only an educated bet and articles on foreign websites reached the correct actions, and now that you describe. The mechanisms work […]

How to create a key in SoftCam.key

Hello dear readers ! Today I would like to talk to you about the correct BISS keys in SoftCam.key for Openbox, and other with a similar design. So, we have a BISS key which we know, for example: take the STS channel +7 satellite 90 degrees. Its BISS key is : C1 23 45 67 67 89 AB 9B. And here […]

Some interesting facts from history..

In Ancient Babylon, the doctor, who was responsible for the death of patient has chopped off both hands. It would be nice now to introduce such a practice... * Ancient Celts in battle were terrible — they didn't wear any clothes and dyed in blue color. The spectacle of crowds of naked blue warriors by itself caused the enemy terrified, what even wrote Julius […]

Interesting history of words

Most of us know, every word of our language has a history, origin. So, for example the word “tomato” has a direct translation as “Golden Apple”, and “Cologne” - “Cologne water”. But as has happened other known to us from childhood words, such as “cat”, “dog”, “cow”? In General, the word “animal” - this old Slavonic word. It, as you know, formed […]

If the Lord God….

If the Lord God for a second, forgot about that, I rag doll, and gave me some life, probably, I wouldn't say just, what do you think; I would have thought more about, what I'm saying. I would value things not for their worth, but for what they mean. I would sleep less, wanted more, aware of, each […]

How the Internet works?

Have you ever wondered, and how does Your Internet? In a couple of clicks of the mouse you connect to the worldwide web? On these and many other questions can be found here, having read the article to the end! So much new and interesting information you will learn about PPP - Point-to-Point Protocol. PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol) — point-to-point Protocol network […]