How to create a key in SoftCam.key

Hello dear readers !

Today I would like to talk to you about the correctness of the input BISS keys in SoftCam.key for Openbox, and other with a similar design.

So, we have a BISS key which we know, for example: take the STS channel +7 satellite 90 degrees.

Its BISS key is : C1 23 45 67 67 89 AB 9B.

And here the question arises, how to bind to the channel STS +7 ?

To do this you just press the channel information which is encoded, in our case it is STS +7 and find out the necessary addresses to enter the code.

So let us begin.

In my case the channel is already raskadrovok, but this does not prevent me to show you the principle. Everything will be exactly the same as on zakodirovana channel.

Here we see a strange SID, TSID, ONID.

But they are something we need !

We now proceed to decipher the code, that we need to enter in SoftCam.key file.

Take 4 the numbers after Ox**** in side, in Tside do not take anything.

and in Onida take 3 the numbers after Ox?***

So, get this type of the first set of stars that LED, and the second after the question mark is the final numbers AND. ****?***

But what should be where the question mark ? there must be ZERO or, or Unit. or the last digit of Tsid. try, pick up your desired figure out there is not difficult, in 90 percent of cases it's either zero or one.

So, for example, STS +7

Take the numbers and add ! I got so 000E1FFF.

In the end, write in SoftCam.key file.

F 000E1FFF 00 C12345676789AB9B ;STS + 7 (90.0°E)
F 000E1FFF 01 C12345676789AB9B ;STS + 7 (90.0°E)

1) F(the beginning of any hawksbill turtle.)

2) Further, the room which we brought

3) Track number, this video and audio track, marked 00 and 01, must necessarily be present in this form.

4) Your BISS code of the channel , no spaces. And finished with a semicolon

5) Short message, what is this code, I have written clearly.. it STS + 7 (90.0°E).. here can be what you want.. doesn't matter.

I hope I helped you !:)