Feature (sample)

Характеристика — це документ, which assesses the business and moral qualities of the worker (student). Feature given, as a rule, from the last place of work or study. Making her head of structural subdivision (in the school — class teacher). Signed by the Agency head or the Agency head and head of the structural unit shall be verified and stamped or round (which equates to stamp) print. […]


Autobiography is a document, in which the person, what is it, gives a description of his life and activity in the chronological sequence of the curriculum vitae must be comprehensive and concise, can be written by hand or using technical means. Depending on the purpose of the autobiography can be: - autobiography-the story (lies in any form); - autobiography-document (precisely sets out the basic facts).

The compilation of a dictionary of terms in the specialty of the future profession

Winchester - disk, stores all information in PC. Located inside system unit. Second name - hard drive (English. Hard Disk Drive - HDD). The clipboard (English. clipboard) - the operational area of the pam’to comp’'yutera, in which data can be saved in various formats to transfer or copy them between different applications or parts of applications. As a rule […]

Complex control and coordination

1. Coordination – type communication contractor. There are three ways of Contracting SV’connections in the phrase: approval, management, fit. Approval - it is this type of contract SV’communication, in which the dependent word is likened grammatical forms of a headword. In phrases of lively kids, our house, p’s fifth day, written a letter dependent of the word - adjective, pronoun, ordinal numeral and the participle - consistent in kind, […]

Conclusion summary

Now to participate in the contest for the vacant position of the person, applying for a particular position, send resume - document, in which the applicant reports brief details of education, labor activity, professional experience and achievements and the like. Unlike autobiography and characteristics, summary not focused on a comprehensive description of the person, а передусім на переконання роботодавця у […]

Four-legged friends of man

Чотириногі друзі людини Стародавні історики розповідають: Spartan king at the battle of Agassi released on the enemy of specially trained dogs. And this is not an isolated case, when dogs used in the war. The dogs were in the army of Alexander the great, Daria, Xerxes; Greeks and Romans grew strong evil dogs — magov. Before the fight they were tortured by hunger, to be more fierce. […]

Natural, mother immortal

Упродовж усього історичного розвитку людина прагнула охопити своєю свідомістю якнайширшу картину світу, to explain, to know the nature for, to apply it to your needs. Interesting from this point of view people's ideas about the structure of the world, some natural phenomena. In particular, our ancestors believed, what with the sky so full of stars, how many people live on earth; що в кожної людини є […]