ФОРМИ СУСПIЛЬНОЇ СВIДОМОСТI • правова • політична • моральна • релігійна • філософська • наукова • естетична • економічна • історична • соціальна та ін. Social Genesis - the phenomenon is extremely versatile. His reflection is carried out and in everyday life, and on a theoretical level. Everything discussed previously is a kind of penetration into the essence of processes, котрi є iсторичним […]

Observation. Experiments in sociology

Методи соціології Метод взагалі визначається в науковій літературі як систематизований засіб досягнення теоретичного і практичного результату, problem solution or new information. Соціологічне дослідження — це система логічно послідовних методологічних, methodical and organizational-technical procedures} SV’s all connected by a single purpose— to obtain reliable data about the phenomenon or the process, on trends and contradictions of development, щоб ці дані […]

The role of science in the management of society

The twentieth century showed very, what community development does not occur linearly and automatically, and multivariate and is the result of conscious human activity as a social sub’objects. In modern conditions the question arises about the necessity of social control social development. Social management is a conscious influence on the course of underlying social processes of economic, social, political, spiritual through a variety of organizations, установ […]

Science is a social phenomenon

For a deeper understanding of the place and role of science in the modern world, to identify its actual and potential opportunities it is useful to define the concept of science, its essence. However, here lurks a number of difficulties. The fact, in modern naukovedenie there is no generally accepted and sufficiently accurate definition of science, John Bernal, for example, навіть вважає таке визначення неможливим і […]

Functions of sociology of science

Modern science, that causes a noticeable change in the sphere of social production, becomes one of the decisive factors of economic, social, spiritual transformation, update of culture, the quality of education of society and the individual. Science is power, contributing to the development of the person, his creative inclinations and skills. Seemingly a paradox: in modern conditions even the pure light of science can Shine otherwise, як на фоні […]

Sociology of science

In modern conditions the study of the problems of the essence of science, her humanistic, worldview, methodological foundations, ways of development and functioning in various social systems, the depth and nature of the impact on public life and the destiny of mankind has gained immense relevance, a great deal of theoretical and, especially, practical significance. This is due to, first of all, the rapid progress of scientific and technological revolution, what led to the transformation of science in direct productive force, […]

Sociology seven’th. Genderno of politics in Ukraine

Сім’я — це один із найдавніших соціальних інститутів. Appeared seven’I in primitive society much earlier classes, Nations, States. At all times seven’I was and still is the most important social institution of society. Changes, which occur in seven’th, change its role in society, affect its condition and development. Therefore, each society interested in the counter, духовно і морально здоровій […]

The labor collective, as a social inst

 Social community in sociology understand the true totality of individuals, fixed empirically, different relative integrity and stands as an independent sub’the object of historical and social action, behavior. A significant attribute of social communities is their joint participation in various social processes and social activities, what et’connects the community with each other. Більшість авторів вітчизняної і зарубіжної соціологічної […]

The social nature of lawful and unlawful conduct

It may be as lawful, and illegal. The main feature of legal behavior — its social significance. It is under actual or potential control of the consciousness and will of the individual, clearly defined, state-controlled. Lawful and unlawful behavior are significantly different. First of all, they have opposite social value (lawful lawful behavior strengthens the relationship, wrongful — weakens and destroys them). If […]

Socialization and its stages

 Socialization is a process of personality formation, the gradual assimilation that it demands of society, the acquisition of socially significant characteristics of consciousness and behavior, which govern its relationship with society. Already S. Freud distinguished psychological mechanisms of socialization: imitation, identification, a sense of shame and guilt. Imitation is called the conscious attempt of the child to copy a pattern of behaviour. Role models can be parents, relatives, friends etc. […]