The core of the CPU

Core processor CPU core is its main part, containing all the functional blocks and performing all logical and arithmetic operations. Figure 1 structural diagram of the device of the processor core. As can be seen in figure, each processor core consists of several functional blocks: 1.      the fetch block of instructions; 2.      units decode the instructions; 3.      blocks of sample data; 4.      […]

Funds of zdiysnennya operatorlogo control

General issues hardware fault finding method. B hardware approach you use such tools Troubleshooting, as logic probes and pulsars logical, designed for consecutive times according to the scheme. This method requires test equipment and some knowledge in digital electronics. The developers of PC x86 platforms at the time had the foresight embedded in the BIOS of the various procedures Troubleshooting. Pìslâ podačì […]

Types of algorithms

Types of algorithms depending on the task being performed and the sequence of steps there are following types of algorithms: Linear - simple (ie. without checking the conditions) the team's algorithm can follow one another, the action takes place in only one pre-planned sequence. Linear algorithm algorithm Blocks 1, 2, 3 performed in this order, then the algorithm achieves the purpose and ends.


Plotter Plotters, plotter - a device that can automatically draw with great precision drawings, schemes, complex drawings, maps and other graphical information on paper sizes up to A0 or tracing paper. SV’s communication with computer’computer plotters, as a rule, carried out in a sequential, parallel, SCSI interface and Ethernet (in the latter case, the connection to the specific computer’s not necessary, the plotter has its own IP address and, being […]

Types of displays

Types of displays, Monìtop (monitor — watch) or display (display — display) -electronic device for displaying information. Characteristics of monitor 1. Screen size is determined by the length of the diagonal (traditionally measured in inches) 2.             Aspect ratio of the screen is the standard (4:3) and widescreen (16:19, 16:10) 3.             Display resolution is the number of pixels vertically and horizontally 4. Color depth is […]

The architecture of the computer

The internal architecture of the PC all the basic components of a personal computer are inside the system unit: motherboard with CPU and RAM, hard drives and floppy disks, CD-ROM, etc. In addition, in sistemnom bloke nahoditsâ питания block. Sistemnaâ fee. The main hardware component of computer is the motherboard. On the motherboard implements the backbone of information exchange, imeûtsâ raz″emy […]

The story of the creation of the computer

History of the creation of the COMPUTER machines (Computers) there’appeared in the 40's pp. XX St. However, the device for carrying out computing people began to design much earlier. More recently, researchers have found in the diaries of Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) sketch machine yearning on the toothed wheels, can add 18-bit decimal numbers. The IBM specialists have reproduced the sketch in the metal and machine work! On […]

FormFactory: AT, ATX, LPX, NLX

FormFactory: AT, ATX, LPX, NLX form factor AT Povnorozmìrnaplata JSC is divided into two, that differ in the size of the modification - AT and Baby AT. As for the full sized AT, then its dimensions it meets the motherboard an original IBM PC AT. It's a big fee of approximately 30,5 h33 cm (12 inches wide and 13 inches long), keyboard connector and slots which should coincide with the holes in the body. This fee is found only in full-size building AT or Tower and because it is impossible to install in most cases now Baby-AT and Mini-Tower, and the reason, reduce the size of other nodes, the production of such boards almost stopped. The installation of such fees is likely to hinder compartment for the drives and hard drives and power supply. In addition, […]


BIOS (from the English. Basic Input / Output System the basic input/output) - this is a set of programs of small size, are initial testing of equipment and ensuring of interaction of components of the computer’'yutera. These programs are recorded in a special chip, located on the motherboard. They are all net’capacious part of the hardware and therefore always includes “the kit” motherboard. There […]

Organization pam’CPU

Organization of memory the CPU memory Organization as stated, Intel8086(88) has pam’Yat 1 MB. For, to perform the addressing for such a large number of cells, you must have 20-bit pointer. Because the instruction pointer IP (like other registers MP has 16 discharges, the MP does not have direct access to all memory. This task is solved by segmenting the pam’for, that is […]