The structure and main principles of the Internet

Nodes and backbone Internet - it infrastructure, but on the Internet there are several services or services (E-mail, USENET, TELNET, WWW, FTP, etc.), one of the first services e-mail E-mail. Currently most of the traffic in the Internet is service World Wide Web (the world wide web). The principle of operation of the WWW service was developed […]

Program servers

Open Server — это портативная программная платформа, created specifically for web developers based on their recommendations and wishes. The program complex has a rich set of server software, convenient, multifunctional designed interface, has powerful capabilities for administering and configuring components. Platform widely used to develop, debugging and testing web projects, а так же для предоставления веб-сервисов в локальных […]

Protocols, Protocol stacks

The main goal, pursued by the connection of computers in a network - this is the use of the resources of each computer to all network users. For, to realize this opportunity, computers, connected to the network, must have the necessary tools to interact with other computers on the network. The problem of separation of network resources is complicated, it includes the solution of many problems - choice […]

Protocol.The structure of the Protocol.

IP Protocol (Internet protocol) the most common implementation of a hierarchical network addressing scheme. Використовуваний в мережі Інтернет, the Protocol handles the addressing of packets, but is not responsible for installation’s connections, is not reliable and allows only best-effort delivery of data. The term "road’associations" (English. which are connectionless) so, the Protocol for interaction does not require a dedicated channel, як це відбувається […]

Comparison of reference models the OSI and TCP

Models OSI and TCP have a lot in common. Both models are based on the concept of a stack of independent protocols. Functionality levels similar. For example, in both models the levels, since transport and above, provide cross-cutting, independent of the network transport service to processes, those wishing to exchange information. These levels form a transport provider. Также в каждой модели […]

Network with network address translation

NAT (network address translation) — это механизм в сетях TCP/IP, allows you to convert IP addresses. The address conversion method of NAT can be made almost any routing device — router, the access server, firewall. The most popular is SNAT, the essence of the mechanism which is to replace the source address with the passage of the package in one direction and reverse to replace the destination address in the return package. […]

Means of information protection in the network

Many network administrators and system designers believe, when the transmission of data packets using the Ethernet Protocol occurs a random set of individual signals. If we take into account, that simultaneous transmission of information from multiple workstations, it may seem, like to sort out this jumble of signals is unlikely anyone else. However, everything is different, поскольку в соответствии с протоколом […]

Shielded and unshielded system

Although the cost of a non-shielded cable (CWP) per meter is slightly below the cost of shielded twisted pair (EVP), real savings, which provides a selection of CWP in the creation of a typical local area network, rarely exceeds a few percent. However, cost is only one aspect of the problem. Recent research in the field of security of local area networks, undertaken by many companies and government organizations, […]

Types of computer networks

The need to have access to a huge amount of information, lying on other computers, first I created a local network. It helped for a while, but to combine so many computers turned out to be impossible. The possibility of access to files, might have someone else, was very tempting. The system was proposed, therefore,, to take and transfer files from each computer, with […]

The main advantages of Ethernet

Постоянный доступ Главное отличие постоянного доступа от коммутируемого (dial-up) is, what is your computer connected to the Internet constantly. Therefore, to view the mail box or look on any site, you don't need to dial up the modem pool of the provider. Phone no longer needed! If you are connected via dial-up (modem), then your phone will be busy. And, […]