Features “registry” Linux

The operating system Linux is missing from the system directory, such a storage mechanism configurations and parmers work computer’computer operating systems in General, only used on Windows. Instead of the registry in Linux configuration files as text file, which is pretty easily changed and edited, that allows you to properly configure your work on computer management on OS. This mechanism allows […]

Logona organization virtualno pam’at

Virtual memory- the addressing scheme of the computer memory, in which memory is presented to software continuous and homogeneous, while in reality for the actual data storage are separate (bursting) different types of memory, including short-term (operational) and long-term (hard drives, SSDs). Paged virtual memory: Way of bursting properties of tasks in memory in which all […]

Scheme Runa dolgosrochnogo planuvannya

In the functions of the system input are: 1. read packet control statements system input devices jobs, analysis and generation of control tables; 2. creating input queues jobs and tasks in accordance with the OS modes of service disciplines and applications; 3. record input data and programs of each job in direct access memory (magnetic disks); 4. the establishment of the […]

Management system processes

When you build the process control systems in most modern OS adopted a two-tier scheme. This means, in the system there are two types of schedulers processes, which perform respectively the functions of both long and short term planning for the use of the Central processor for development therein of a certain number of processes. The level of long-term planning make action rare in the system, but require high system cost. On the level of short-term planning […]

The process handle

System data, used by the kernel during the lifetime of the process, be the process handle. The process descriptor is reserved by the kernel during the formation process and released at its completion. A workflow is an abstraction, describing the program running. OS is a unit of work, the application for the consumption of system resources. The state of the process: The origin, readiness, execution, waiting, readiness (completion)

The boot process

Turn on the power switch. The power supply performs a self-test. When all the electrical parameters in normal PSU sends the Power Good signal to processor. The timer of the microprocessor receives a Power Good signal. With receipt of this signal the timer stops sending Reset signal to the processor, therefore allowing you to join. CPU starts to perform code ROM BIOS Processor loads the ROM BIOS starting address FFFF: 0000. The system performs […]

Hardware independence and the ability to transfer the OS

Core components, responsible for direct access to hardware, in a separate level of abstraction from the hardware, that interacts with the rest of the system via standard interfaces. Thereby achieving a simplified hardware-independence of OS. The level of abstraction from the equipment reflects such features of the architecture, as the number of processors, the types of registers, the width and organization of pam’for PR. The more differences […]

The core of the system. Privileged mode and user mode

Mechanisms and policies on first of all it is necessary to select a set of basic features, that provide its components; these basic features constitute the mechanism (mechanism). On the other hand, you must make a decision regarding the use of above possibilities; such decisions determine the policy (policy). So, the mechanism shows, which is implemented by the component, and policy — how to use it. When the implementation of the mechanism and policy […]

Wlasciwosci the characteristic resursu

Resource is by any potreblâemyj (spent) object. Reserves resources are divided into exhaustible and inexhaustible. Consumers resources — processes. Resource is a tool for computing system, which can be allocated to a process on a time interval. Processor - any device on the computer, capable of automatically performing valid actions for it (processors, channels and devices, working with channels). Implementation of system […]

Patrika bigtoponline treatment

Modern servers, as a rule, are multiprocessor systems. Such systems typically consist of a set of storage devices and multiple CPUs, running the same OS. All processors usually have access to any memory area any memory device. For maximum performance of such systems, the operating system must effectively implement concurrency most operating systems and users. When […]