Function generator at the shelter

Signal generator, which will be discussed, assembled only on one OS and two field-effect transistors. It can be successfully repeated, even novice radio Amateurs. The device generates rectangular voltage and triangular in shape frequency from 20 Hz to 20 kHz, as well as sawtooth oscillations of positive and negative polarity frequency from 40 Hz to 40 kHz. Osnovoj generator služit […]

The synthesis of the work of the comparator

Comparators is electronic devices, designed for comparing the voltages. The simplest diagram of the comparator shown in Fig.4.24, and (used in control systems and automatic control and refers to the elements of the pulse technique). It compares the input signal with the Uвх reference voltage IEP. The signal at the output of the OP reverses the polarity, when these stresses are compared, as shown on the time charts work […]

The synthesis of the work of the encoder

Encoders perform the reverse task, performed by the decoders: the emergence of logical units (logic zero) at a certain input leads to the appearance of the corresponding code combination at the output. Also, as decoders, the boxes are complete and incomplete. Work vos′mivhodovogo full an encryptor is set following the truth:

An arithmetic logic unit

Arithmetic logic unit Processor — the main part of the COMPUTER, directly involved in the processing of data and managing them. Depending on the function processor may be a Central, Manager and t. d. The processor is designed to automatically perform a sequence of operations (arithmetic, logical, the exchange of information with other computers and devices external to the machine objects, etc.), the programme decision […]

A computer memory

PC memory is a functional part of the COMPUTER, designed for recording, storage and distribution of data. Accordingly, there are three mode memory: 1) storage; 2) records; 3) read. Storage device — a device, implementing the memory function data. In memory stored numbers, which needs to be made certain actions, and number codes commands, define the nature of these […]


Multiplexer called Raman device, providing the transmission in the desired sequence of digital information, arriving on multiple inputs on one output. Denote by multiplexers MUX(from the English. multiplexor), as well as using MS(from the English. multiplexor selector). Schematically a multiplexer can be represented in the form of a switch, allows the connection of one of several inputs (they are called information) to one output device. In addition to information inputs in the multiplex has targeted […]