The concept of the structure of the Sun and stars

The sun is a typical star and is a giant ball of gas. By their physical characteristics the Sun — an average star of mass of about 2*1030 kg and a radius of 7*108 m. The sun consists mainly of hydrogen (~70% by mass) and helium (~29%). (Hydrogen by number of atoms in 10 once more, than other elements.) The mass of the Sun in 330 000 […]

The universe. Structure and development of the universe

The study of physical phenomena, processes n patterns on the Earth is closely connected with the study of extraterrestrial, astronomical objects. It helps to remind, the discovery of the law of universal gravitation, spectra of emission and absorption, and many other regularities of nature was supported by astronomical observations. And Vice versa, the success of "terrestrial" physics and chemistry allowed to come to an understanding, что происходит в необозримом пространстве на огромных […]

The origin and development of celestial bodies. The formation and evolution of stars.

One of the major achievements of astronomy in the twentieth. can be considered as establishing the fact, the process of star formation occurs constantly (in our time). Installed, that many of the observed stars are younger than our planet, but some formed more recently, when the Earth already existed people. Most scientists believe, the stars are formed by condensation of the rarefied gas and dust clouds of the interstellar medium, from […]

Lunar and solar eclipses. The movement of the Sun and moon

Phases Of The Moon. The moon moves around the Earth in the same direction, in that Earth rotates on its axis. The display of this movement, as we know, is the apparent movement of the moon on the background of sight toward the rotation of the sky. Each day the Moon moves eastward relative to the stars about 13°, and after 27,3 of day returns to the same vision, описавши на небесній […]

The best Observatory in the world: top 10 (2009)

 1.The Observatory "Gemini" (Gemini Observatory)   Одне око – добре, but two – better. Infrared telescope South Twin (Gemini South) located at a height of 2740 m in the Andes (Chile), and his brother North of the Twin (Gemini North) – on top of the dormant volcano Mauna Ki, Hawaii. Powerful Observatory belongs to seven countries. Учені з різних куточків світу дбають про використання новітніх […]


Telescope - the device, is designed for observation of the heavenly bodies. There are telescopes for all ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum: optical telescopes, radio telescopes, x-ray telescopes, gamma-ray telescopes. In addition, neutrino detectors are often called neutrino telescopes.Also, telescopes can be called gravitational wave detectors . A telescopic optical system used in astronomy (to observe the heavenly bodies), in optics for various auxiliary purposes . Also, […]