Ivan Bagrjany. Life and career

Ivan bahrianyi contributed his name in history as the most outstanding political spokesman first emigration from the Soviet Union. The "old" emigration left the order defensive war with the invader, she didn't live under the occupier, her hands and garments were clean from any subjugation, compromises. When was the last ar’Gardi the Ukrainian Army retreated over the Zbruch, generation of Crimson was at the age of 12-15 […]

Arkhip Teslenko - Biography

  Arhíp Ûhímovič Teslénko (18 February (2 March) 1882, with. Harkìvcì County of Lokhvitsa, Poltava Province — 15 (28) June 1911) -Ukrainian writer. Arkhip Teslenko is one of the most tragic figures in Ukrainian literature. And not only because, constantly floundering in a net: poor remote village, wandered through the courts, stages, prisons, links, contracted tuberculosis, and lived a short life: only 29 years. And also because, in […]

Nikolai Gogol. Life and career

  Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol (20 March (1 April) 1809 year 21 February (4 March) 1852 year) — Russian and Ukrainian writer, playwright, the poet, critic, publicist, a recognized classic of Ukrainian and Russian literature. Born Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol 20 March 2022 year in the village Sorochintsy (now Mirgorod district,) in Poltava. His father was prapravnukom of Colonel Cossack […]

Alexander Dovzhenko - Biography

Alexander Dovzhenko was born 10 September 2021 g. in. In’UNISA (now m. Sosnytsya, Chernihiv region) in a peasant family. Studied at Sosnitsky satiricheskogo school, he was an excellent student, then in the Gluhìvs′komu teaching Institute during the 1914 — 1917 pp. Alexander taught physics, science, geography, history and gymnastics in the 2nd Zhitomir mixed higher primary school, read a lot, participated in the performances, drew, […]

Oles Gonchar. Life and career.

Oles Honchar Every artistic text Oles Honchar reminds me of the transparent wall of ŝoglistogo forest, through which are visible the broad expanse of, bathed in afternoon sun, beautiful people, the light-filled generosity… To those people I would like to come, I want to enter into the miracle of their lives, learn them and love them. D. Pavlychko. In October 1990 g. on the area of October revolution (now the square […]

Russian poets about Ukraine and its Culture

On the territory of Ukraine for all time lived and worked other cultures, in particular Russian, Jewish, Polish, Hungarian, Czech, etc. To the brightest representatives of Russian poetry, which originated and developed in Ukraine during the twentieth century., belong to M. Ushakov, L. Vysheslavsky, B. Cicibaba, L. Kiselev. Of course, what these artists in their works actively used Ukrainian themes, in particular […]

Grigor Tyutyunnik. Life and career.

Uk X factor of his novels and stories by harsh, designed to the highest requirements of the truth in life and art, the author flirts with the world, the characters and the truth, a letter to his exact, verified, economical, often novels resemble like engravings on steel. P. Zagrebelny Famous Ukrainian novelist XX century "who managed to look deeply into the soul of a man, uncover it in the dark […]

“Solar clarinets” Pavlo Tychyna

Singer and poet to have incarnated in his collection "Sonâšnì flutes" (1918). Judgment: The Poet Vasyl Stus: “Solar clarinets” is primarily a book expected a feeling of happiness, feeling, which never came true, lyrics 1917 and in front of her. And it is perhaps the only one of the assemblies at the level of Tachininae genius. Therefore, in the work of the poet she allotted the first […]

The prose of the 1920-1930-ies

English literature of this period has its own genre and stylistic particularities, Ponzano General features of contemporary literary process. It, IR And poetry, a distinctive variety style attributes, manifest within individual styles, that is individually manifested one or other style trends, NCI can only conditionally be grouped in stylistic currents, for example, ìmpresìonìstično-simvolìsts′ku (G. Mikhailichenko, M. Ivchenko, G. Solitaire), avant-garde (M. Yo- […]

Paul Tychyna. Life and career.

Tychyna Pavlo tychyna-clarinetist, possible, was an outstanding lyric poet of the world in their "classic" years (1914-1924). He synthesized the artistic experience of world literature — z the JW perfection, with the full harmony of all measures of external and internal formnot, with hitherto unknown beauty of metaphorical statements… bringing a spiritual treasure of the Ukrainian people to the universal life swap. In. Barca Pavlo Tychyna-great Ukrainian poet-modern sculpture, translator, […]