Schemes and enrichment factory

Selection method and barite ore enrichment schemes depend on the type of ore, the mineralogical composition and the structure of the ore, the sizes of inclusions and consumer requirements.

Thus, for proper coarse barite ore used picking and washing (crushing to 100-25 mm); medium-enriched ore jigging, sometimes in combination with washing; for fine ores using concentration tables, flotation and dekripitatsiyu.

From complex barite barite ore is usually extracted by simple flotation circuits. Thus, in particular, held primary barite flotation separation of the final concentrate or primary flotation is followed by two or three perechistkami. Primary flotation tails at a relatively high concentration of barite ore flotation is fed to the control. In such schemes operate Karabashsky, Gaisky, Salair, Maykainskaya factory in Russia; Mirgalimsai, Kairaktinsky, Karagaily in Kazakhstan; Madneuli in Georgia; Akhtala in Armenia; Chorukh-Dayronskaya in Takzhikistane; Rommelsberg in Germany; Arizona companies in the United States.

Fig. 4.1 shows a diagram of the flotation of barite on Salair concentrator. It enriches barite-polymetallic ore: Barite is extracted from the tails of the lead-zinc flotation. The average content of barite in these tailings is about 25-26%. In the resulting barite concentrate for the oil industry barite content reaches 68-75%, and in concentrate for the chemical industry, it rises to 80-85%. Extraction of barite is 74%.

Driving barite extraction from lead-barite ore deposits Mirgalimsai shown in Fig. 4.2.

In more complex schemes iron-enriched barite ore (Fig. 4.3).

If the complex ores containing precious metals, the processing circuit more complicated. For example, to extract gold and silver from barite-quartz ore with an admixture of iron and sulfide minerals, the following basic operations: amalgamation, focus on gateways, flotation (first sulfides, then precious metals), cyanidation of flotation tailings and recovering barite from the tailings processing.

Fig. 4.1. Driving on Salair barite beneficiation plant

Fig. 4.2. Driving barite flotation on Mirgalimsai factory

Fig. 4.3. Driving enrichment kremikovskoy iron-barite ore (NRB)