My Hobby – Мое хобби

Every person has passion for something or does something for pleasure. This is called a hobby. Some people like collecting different objects, some adore handmade things, others simply love reading books.

Friendship – Дружба

I have a lot of good friends. I like meeting new people and keep in touch with them. I am an easy-going person. My best friend’s name is Maria. I have known her for only 4 years. But it seems that I have known her for ages.

My University – Мой университет

One of the oldest universities I am a student of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University. This university is one of the oldest universities of Russia. Its history started in the XIX century. Nowadays this university is one of the most prestigious educational institutions of our country.

Shopping – Покупки (Шоппинг)

What is shopping? Nowadays shopping as a way of spending time has become quite a popular thing. However, the meaning of this word does not simply imply browsing around the shops. It also means other things such as having a meal in a cafe or a restaurant.