Russia – Россия

Geographical Position Russia, or the Russian Federation, сovers a huge part of Eurasia. Being the largest world country it borders 18 states and takes in one eighth of the Earth’s dry surface.

My Hobby – Мое хобби

Hobby is an activity that you enjoy doing in your free time. It isn’t connected to your job, but you engage in it regularly, because you like it a lot. Often, it brings you not only pleasure during the process, but also satisfaction with the results.

Music – Музыка

The variety of musical styles makes it hard to know everything about them. Musicians invent new styles and trends. Some of these styles become classics, others lose their popularity in the course of time.

Clothes – Одежда

Purposes of clothes Modern people cannot imagine their life without clothes. The initial purpose of clothes was practical. The early people began putting on animal skins and leaves of plants to protect themselves from heat, cold, rain, snow and other threatening conditions of the environment.

My School – Моя школа

My name is Catherine, I am thirteen years old. I study at school number seven. My school is a three-storeyed building with a lot of classrooms, where we learn different subjects. The classrooms for the primary school are on the first floor and the classrooms for the high school are on the second and third floors.

My House – Мой дом

General Description The house our family lives in is quite new. We moved there not so long ago. It is a nice two-storeyed red brick building with a grey roof and a chimney. The windows are white.

Magazines – Журналы

Magazines are mass media Magazines, together with newspapers, can be defined as printed periodical publications. They are one of the major mass media. Magazines фокус on surveys, interviews and reflections.

My Health – Мое здоровье

We should value our health, because it is the basis for everything else in our life. Healthy people are cheerful and full of energy, whereas sickness makes us feel weak and sad. Medical treatment is used very effectively nowadays, but it is better to take care of the immune system and never fall ill at all.