My Father – Мой папа

My father’s name is Nikolay. He is 48. He is of average height and rather thin. His hair is light brown and his eyes are grey. My father works in a big construction company. He is the head of the purchasing department there.

I Want To Be An Engineer – Я хочу быть инженером

It is not a secret that general public recognizes the importance of today’s success in modern technology in the field of innovative inventions. Whether it is making new electrical devices, improvement of oil refinement industry, or any other branch of engineering, one is hardly able to find a person who would consider those scientific advances as somewhat negative.

Food – Еда

Food is the basis of our life, because human body cannot exist without it. Every day we eat and we have to spend a significant part of our income on food, if we want to have a diverse and healthy diet.

My Dream – Моя мечта

Everybody has got a dream. Or a couple of dreams. Or very many of them! I have got a lot of dreams and it is difficult to choose which one to describe. I dream of becoming a famous astronomer, traveling to the moon, playing in a rock band, having three cars and making a round-the-world trip.

I Want To Be An Economist – Я хочу быть экономистом

Looking at the pundits of financial operations of the world, I once realized that what those people do is exactly what I would want to be preoccupied with for the rest of my life. Just the idea of being able to be involved in economic affairs makes me feel enthusiastic and ready to study all sciences that are related to economics: math, statistics, political science, computer science, and many others.

My Friend – Мой друг

What is friendship? I think there is no definite answer to this question. For someone friendship is simple everyday communication with classmates or colleagues. For others friendship is a relationship tried for many years.