Washington is the capital of the United States of America, is located in the District of Columbia. Washington is one of the most beautiful and unusual in the United States. It is filled with many parks, wide streets and beautiful buildings. Many visitors come to Washington to see the White House.

White House, the official residence of the President. The Capitol is in the centre of Washington. The Capitol is the highest building in Washington. The 535 members of the Congress meet here to discuss the nations affairs. Not far from the Capitol is the Library of Congress, the largest library in the States.

It contains more than 13 million books, more than 19 million manuscripts, including the personal papers of the US Presidents. Washington is a city of monuments and its most famous ones are monuments to Presidents Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln. Washington is a city of museums as well. These include the National Gallery of Art, witch houses one of the nation’s finest collections of paintings, sculptures, drawings and prints.

National Archives where the original copies of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution are displayed. Phillips Collection the first museum of modern art in the country. Lots of tourists visit the capital of the USA all year round.