The state system of Ukraine

The state system of Ukraine

Ukraine was proclaimed an independent state in 1991.

Now Ukraine is the sovereign state. It is a member of the United Nations Organization since 1953 and participates in the work of many international organizations. It has its own territory, flag, anthem and coat-of-arms. Constitution of Ukraine is a basic law of our country. It was adopted on the 28th of June 1996 and proclaimed the sovereignty of thee state and absolute power of the country on its territory. The Constitution states self -determination of the Ukrainian nation, national and state power, rights and duties of all citizens, the protection of nature and all the sorts of property. It states the right of the country to have National- Armed Forces and determines ruling bodies.

By the form of the government Ukraine combines the elements of presidential and parliamentary republic.

According to the Constitution three levels of power are to be differentiated: the executive, the legislative and the judicial.. The head of the country is the President, who is elected for 5 years. The executive power belongs to the President and the Cabinet of Ministers, which is the highest executive body of the state. The government of the state is formed by the President.

The legislative power belongs to the Supreme Rada, which is the highest legislative body of Ukraine. It consists of one Chamber. The number of the members of the Supreme Rada of Ukraine is 450, they are elected for a period of 4 years. The laws of the country are made by them. They may belong to different political parties.

The Supreme Court of Ukraine is the Supreme judicial body. The head of it is the Supreme Public Prosecutor who is appointed by the Parliament for 4 years. His duty is to secure the fulfillment of the laws.