The National Mining University of Ukraine

The National Mining University of Ukraine.

The National Mining University of Ukraine was founded in  1899. Nowadays, it is the leading educational Institute in the country. It has been training highly qualified specialists in all modern professions for Geological Prospecting and Mining industries.

About 9000 undergraduate students, postgraduate students and doctoral students are studying in 26 modern specialties.

The University has stable contractual relationships with, more than 70 universities and institutes in 20 countries around the world. The most concrete forms of cooperation are established with Krakow Mining and Metallurgical Academy. Technical Universities in Berlin, Colorado School of Mining, European Economic Commission of the UNO and others.


There are International educational centers whose purpose is to develop international cultural relationships and to experience exchange With leading Universities of the world. These are:

1.      The Ukrainian-American Linguistic Center;

2.      The Ukrainian-German Cultural Center:

3.      The Ukrainian-Spain-Latin America Center;

4.      The Ukrainian-American Lyceum.

The students of the National Mining University of Ukraine work with educational and scientific literature of the library which has more than 1 million books and magazines, The University Marketing Service helps the students to find jobs after they graduate. For excellent results and progress in study and research, the students get personal scholarship. During winter and summer holidays when long and full of hard work semesters are over, they have a rest sport and health camps.