Young people in Great Britain, as we, have their problems and hobbies. I would like to tell about some of them.                               

At British schools there are many different-circles for schoolchildren which are usually-called societies, for example, a school literary society, a school music society and но on Many British schoolchildren are fond of sports. (There are many sport-teams at school and different competitions are organized often. Near each school you can see sport grounds or oven a pool.) 

Beides, there are many parties. (Parents help to organize them. A the party they dance, play interesting games with prizes, eat sandwiches and drink cola, juice, or tea with cakes.) The parties which children like to celebrate most of all are birthday parties and Christmas parties. (At a birthday party there is always a cake on the table with candles. If you want to know how old the Person is you should count the candles.) 

Besides, many children and teenagers have hobbies. They join different clubs that arc organized for young people having the same hobby. (For example, there is a club for those who collect stamps, the club that helps its members to find out-pen-friends all over the world and many others.) 

During their Holidays and week-ends young people like to travel. (In Great Britain there are special cheap bus tickets for young people who travel.) 

In Britain young people have political organizations too, for example, against nuclear weapon. They take part in other popular movements, for example, Green Peace and other. 

And, of course, many of them are fond of modern music, especially, rock music, and dancing. (Young people have their styles in fashion. For example, now it is very popular to have a small ring in a nose and more boys wear such rings.) 

As we, British teenagers have many personal problems. (How to invite a girl to a disco? How to explanier your feeling to the person you like?) They discuss them and write letters to special magazines for young people and professional psychologists advise what to do.