The comparison of the computer development in the USA and the Ukraine

At the time when the computer science was just uprising these two countries were one of the most noticeably influential. There were a lot of talented scientists and inventors in both of them. But the situation in the Ukraine (which at that time was one of 15 Republics of the former USSR) was complicated, on the one hand with the consequences of the Second World War and. On the other hand, at a certain period cybernetics and Computer Science were not acknowledged. Of cause, later it went to the past, but nevertheless it played a negative role on the Ukrainian computer development. It also should be noticed that in America they paid more attention to the development of computers for civil and later personal use. But in the Ukraine the attention was mainly focused on the military and industrial needs. 



Another interesting aspect of the Ukrainian computer development was the process of the 70s when «sovietizing” of the IBM-360 system became the first step on the way of weakening of positions achieved by the Soviet machinery construction the first two decades of its development The next step that led to the further lag was the mindless copying by the SU Ministry of Electronic Industry and putting into the production the next American elaborations in the field of microprocessor equipment. 

The natural final stage was buying in enormous quantities of foreign computers last years and pressing to the deep background our domestic researches and developments and the computer-building industry on the whole.