About Myself – О себе

We can get to know a person only in the process of communication. Sometimes, though, we want to get to know somebody without such opportunity. Then we may ask him to describe himself. If you would like to know me better, you may read this short description of my personality.

Holidays – Праздники

I guess people all over the world like holidays. During celebration time people, as a rule, visit their friends and relatives, have parties and give and receive presents. Some of the holidays have its own customs and traditions.

My Future – Мое будущее

Every person has his own view of his future life. We usually dream about a close-knit family, a beloved spouse, lovely children, a cosy house, a prestigious and well-paid job. But all people still have different aims and priorities.

Friendship – Дружба

I have a lot of good friends. I like meeting new people and keep in touch with them. I am an easy-going person. My best friend’s name is Maria. I have known her for only 4 years. But it seems that I have known her for ages.