Astana – Астана

Astana is the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It is the third largest city in the country with population over 800 000. In 1999 Astana was awarded the title of the City of Peace by UNESCO.

Animals – Животные

We live on a wonderful planet. There are so many beautiful plants and trees and so many different animals. In this ecosystem everything is interconnected and plays its own important role. There are wild and domestic animals as well as predators and herbivorous animals.

Education – Образование

Learning makes people wise, ignorance, otherwise. The importance of education in our modern society is doubtless. Today’s choice of educational establishments and professions is so wide that every person has an opportunity to become a specialist in some field.

Clothes – Одежда

Purposes of clothes Modern people cannot imagine their life without clothes. The initial purpose of clothes was practical. The early people began putting on animal skins and leaves of plants to protect themselves from heat, cold, rain, snow and other threatening conditions of the environment.

Canada – Канада

Geographical Position Canada is a country in North America. It is the second largest country in the world. The capital of Canada is Ottawa. The official languages of the country are English and French.

I Want To Be An Engineer – Я хочу быть инженером

It is not a secret that general public recognizes the importance of today’s success in modern technology in the field of innovative inventions. Whether it is making new electrical devices, improvement of oil refinement industry, or any other branch of engineering, one is hardly able to find a person who would consider those scientific advances as somewhat negative.

My Friend – Мой друг

What is friendship? I think there is no definite answer to this question. For someone friendship is simple everyday communication with classmates or colleagues. For others friendship is a relationship tried for many years.

Computers – Компьютеры

It has been many years since computers first came into our life. But even today their popularity is still growing. The market is full of new and improved models. There are big personal computers with large storage.