Связь Украины с англоязычными странами

There is no denying the fact that not so long ago Ukraine had very weak connections with other countries in the world. But at present the situation has changed for the better. As now Ukraine is a sovereign state it establishes new relations with the countries throughout the world. Ukraine is one of the members of the United Nations Organization and participates in the work of many international organizations. We have wide relations with Canada, the USA and Great Britain in policy, economics and culture. Foreign Embassies of these countries work in Kyiv. We have some joint political projects with the United States of America and Canada. A lot of joint ventures have appeared in Ukraine recently.

Such big plants of ours as Cherkasy joint-stock company «Azot», Gorlivka chemical plant «Stirol», Kharkiv aircraft plant sell their products at the international market. Scientific cooperation is also very important. We have joint projects for space exploration with the USA and Canada. Cooperation in culture, education and sport is very important, too. We exchange students and teachers with these countries. The Ukrainian orchestras, pop and opera singers, ballet dancers are warmly received abroad. A lot of tourists from English-speaking countries visit Ukraine every year. It’s very important to mention that many people who are Ukrainians by origin live in Canada. So we have particular relations with this country. Canada was the first among the western states that recognized the state independence of Ukraine. Many of the Ukrainians living now in Canada and other English-speaking countries don’t lose connections with Ukraine. A lot of public organizations, educational establishments, religious organizations make considerable contribution to the development of our culture, literature and art.