Рабочий день(working day)

As I am now studying for in college, so one day is similar to another.

My day starts when I hear my  alarm-clock ring .

Although I like to sleep, but I can wake up quickly

When I got up, I go to the kitchen to put the kettle.

I then washes its face and clean the teeth

Or sometimes accept a cold shower

Then go make yourself tea or coffee and a sandwich

Quickly dress and go to college

Lessons begin at 8:00 and end around 3:00



Between lessons during breaks we walk in the cafeteria.

After the main lessons start additional lessons that we visit when something is not understood

At about 4:00 returning home

Come home, eat, and begin classes at night sometimes to sit

Before going to bed I have a few hours for music, walks on the street

Then a deep sleep and the day begins again

When I see that the house dirtily , I am cleaning, wash dishes, wipe furniture