The essence of the concept of values. Types of values determine the essence of the concept of values types of values

And in scientific, and in everyday parlance often resorted to the concept of value. Human activity of any kind covers: the idea, the implementation and result. The plan consists of goals, values and plan. Purpose answers the question: what should I do? The realization of the same goals and plans may have a completely different life meanings, values. Thus is formed the notion of value. Values — specific social definitions’objects of the surrounding world, identifying their positive or negative importance to man and society (good, welcome, evil, the beautiful and the ugly, that are embodied in the phenomena of social life or nature). Nature, origin, the development and role of values in human life and society studies axiology — the doctrine about values. Axiology is a fundamentally important part in the structure of philosophical sociological concepts neokantians-webersik, phenomenologically-nteractions and positivist orientation. In sociology the problem of values entered Max Weber. Analyzing the actions of individuals, Max Weber proceeded from the premise neokantianism, which every human act becomes meaningful only in interaction with the values, in the light of which defines the norms of behavior of people and their purpose.


  Modern humanity began to think in ideological and philosophically, most often it is not realizing. It's not a good life. Anyway, not from the quiet life. Nuclear and environmental Apocalypse, national revival and nationalism, a variety, variegated pluralism of lifestyles, goal, styles, the beauty of the body at the contests and competitions and the death of drug addicts and alcoholics,  the dedication of the plebs and the senselessness of the terrorists, billions of bits of information, what hits the ears and eyes through the television screens, turns heads, and stirs the brain, — this threat of breakup requires concentration. The aging of the twentieth century ceased to laugh at romantic questions about the meaning of life, so useful thinkers of the past. Question the value of life again and again acquire significance. If values are not real, and spiritual, can seem insignificant and as if non-existent. But all spiritual values, even material, because the very concept of values is human, social category: with its help, all measured objects and phenomena, public and natural. Man is the measure of all things, rightly claimed the ancient Greek philosopher Protagoras the Sophist, but the measurement tool, the measure values are. The concept of the value — ideal, goal, orientation. The world values the world due. 

  Externally are the values as properties of an object or phenomenon. However, the values inherent in the object or phenomenon of nature, not just from the internal structure of the o’of the object itself, but because, that’the object involved in the sphere of social life of the person and becomes a carrier of certain social relations. In relation to the sub’object — human-values serve as the o’the objects of its interests, and to make the role of the everyday consciousness of the landmarks in the subject and the social reality, the definition varied practical relations of man to the surrounding objects and phenomena. So, glass, as a tool for drinking, finds this useful property as use value, good material. Being a product of labor and the subject of commodity exchange, the glass acts as an economic value, the cost. If the glass is a piece of art, it is endowed with an aesthetic value, beauty. All the properties of glass determine its various functions in the system of human activity and act as subject signs, symbols of certain social relations, in which man enters. Based on the need to have accommodation, or the implementation of the principle — my house — my fortress, you can build a house, and considerations of prestige made possible to build another cottage, cottage Dr. Exactly the same completely different values, meaning of life can stand behind in order to receive a diploma of higher education, etc. Rising to the philosophical level of his being, as if a person is distracted from himself and tries to absorb the world. And this world is truly spiritual is part of it, enriching the human personality. Therefore, the worldview, despite his, it would seem, abstract, always focused on a real man. Approaching the world view with measure values, probably, it is better to map the location, held by worldview, not with the priorities, and with the hierarchy of values. The hierarchy thing, existing no less real, than priorities. Moreover, these two categories are very similar to each other: there and here we are talking about some sequence. Finally, priorities and hierarchy often coincide in the ordinary consciousness. Hungry for higher value — bread. It is here that allegedly reads on deepening goal, its hierarchy. But it's not. Because here we are talking about the value, that differ from the target and other States of consciousness, operating functionally, in its role in the management of the action.