Industry of the USSR in the prewar years

Constructing socialism, The Soviet Union has entered a new stage of its development-the stage of complete construction of socialist society and gradual transition to communism.  The Soviet people faced new economic and political challenges, the main one was formulated Lenin: “To catch up and overtake the capitalist countries in the world respect”.  Becoming the second in the world after USA industrial power, our country is in economically lagged behind the major capitalist countries.

The issue of solving the main task was put on The eighteenth party Congress, held in March 1939 year. The most important point in her decision was adopted at the Congress of the third five-year plan (1938-1942gg).  The solution to this problem is required, first of all, future development of the industry.  Manufacturing industry should bwas to increase by 92% with an average annual growth rateand 14%.

Due to the difficult international situation in 1939-1940 g. the borders of the Soviet Union moved to the West in the composition The USSR voluntarily joined the Western Ukraine, Western Belarus, Bessarabia and Northern Bukovina, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

Third five-year plan implied a sharp increase in military-economic potential The USSR, strengthening the country's defense.

Also planned new industrial construction mainly in the Eastern parts of the country.  For a number of engineering industries, of chemistry and oil refining in the Eastern regions of the country envisaged the construction of company-doubles.

In agriculture was expected to complete the comprehensive mechanization of agricultural activities and increase agricultural production approximately in half.


Soviet people were enthusiastic for the implementation of the third five-year plan.  There are new forms of movement of innovators in production.  Especially widespread in the years of the third five-year plan the movement of mnogostanochnikov, originated in the summer of 1939. in the engineering industry.  The movement of mnogostanochnikov increased the productivity and saved productive force. 

Another form innovators were a combination of several professions. In the coal industry widely developed in the competition for the development of the cyclic method of mining coal.

Capital construction and industrial production growth.

In the III five year plan was carried out large capital construction in the steel industry. Completed construction of the Magnitogorsk metallurgical combine, plants “Zaporizhstal”, Kryvyi Rih plant, constructed of Novo-Tagil plant, Amur and Petrovo-Transbaikalian plants, the number of plants was undergoing renovation and expansion.

One of the main problems of our machinery was the elimination of the backlog in the production of machines and energy machines.  Despite the increase in their release, the country lacked the latest high-performance machines types, special, accurate, copying machines.

In the years of the third five-year plan in the country was realized mechanization production.  Successfully was the development of the second oil base (between the Volga and the Urals).

In the East turned around a large building.  The Urals became the fourth country in the centre of engineering.  In 1940 g. gross output of the engineering industries was superior engineering products pre-revolutionary Russia about 10 time.

In 1939 year there was a reduction in the production of iron and steel, while coal production remained at the same level.  Many companies allow the waste of raw materials, fuel, electricity, as a result of which there has been no new plan cost reduction.  Slowly introduced new techniques in the electric power industry.