Requirements to sensors

Датчики используются в самых тяжелых эксплуатационных условиях, therefore, the technical and engineering requirements to them are strictly controlled. Various operational factors at influence on sensors measuring distort information about the status parameter. The degree of their influence depends largely on the principle of interaction with the object (sensors mounted – without introduction of the object of diagnosis or with the implementation in object; датчики встроенные […]

Requirements, applicable to actuators

The actuator, working in the automatic control system, should not only do work when moving the regulatory body, but to provide this movement with possibly less distortion regulating laws, forming a regulating device. Therefore one of the basic requirements, applicable to many actuators, is to ensure speed and accuracy required. To the actuators also presented a number of requirements constructive, эксплуатационного […]


The term “the actuator” in the system of automatic regulation and remote control refers to an automatic device, carries out the movement of the end link of control system (regulatory authority) in accordance with the signals, coming from sensitive or control. In the General case, the actuators consist of the following elements: – Executive engine, is the source of power influence on the regulatory authority; – передаточного или […]


The widespread use of microprocessor and computer techniques in systems of automatic control and process control requires conversion devices information. Control signals are formed corresponding analog voltage level, and information processing is carried out digitally in binary notation. Одиниця цифрової інформації— один біт — це однорозрядне двійкове число, which takes the value 1 (the availability of information) or 0 […]

Generators of sinusoidal oscillations

Among the generating device it is necessary to distinguish the generators of sinusoidal (harmonious) hesitation, rectangular oscillations or signals of rectangular shape (the pulse generators) and fluctuations of the special form (for example, generators linearly varying voltage). The generator is called a self-oscillating structure, in which energy sources power is converted into electrical energy by self-oscillation. Generators of sinusoidal oscillations provide education on output devices AC (voltage) frequency. В них […]

Regulation of frequency of rotation. THEY c an AC motor. Blade, piston, membrane THEM. Spool, valve, crane.

Исполнительные двигатели переменного тока Асинхронные двухфазные электродвигатели в настоящее время являются наиболее распространёнными исполнительными двигателями переменного тока. Schematic diagram of the engine schematically represented in Fig.3. The motor has two windings common, located in the slots of the stator. Winding 1 called main (the excitation winding) and is constantly under stress. To the other winding 2 (control winding) voltage via the control amplifier 3 […]

Magnetic clutch

Электромагнитная муфта предназначена для передачи вращающего момента двигателя к рабочему механизму. The principle of their operation is based on electromagnetic properties bind the elements. The coupling consists of two parts: leading and driven, which form a closed magnetic system. Below we consider three types of electromagnetic clutches, received the greatest application to ACS: friction (contact and contactless), powder and asynchronous (the slip clutch). В контактной электромагнитной […]

Software systems kurobane. Introduction, data output

  Automated control system (ASC), Automated control system (ACS), Comp’computer control system(KSU) — автоматизована система, that is based on an integrated use of technical, mathematical, information and organizational tools to manage complex technical and economic o’objects. ASC – it is a combination of the controlled object and the automatic measuring and control devices, in which some of the functions it performs man. Загальна інформація АСУ являє […]

Conclusion data on the positional indicator

Indicator 9-point 3x3 – digital output device information of the device or system, providing visual (visible) display information, perceived in the state monitoring view. Used for visual readout of numeric information in the form of digital characters with the highest resolution. Digital matrix-3x3 matrix, 6X6, 9X9 etc. with a fixed number of positional elements (3X3) in […]

Earl Miles

Electronic digital circuit can formally be divided into 2 class: Combinational Circuit (The COP) – не обладают памятью. The output signal is formed depending on combinations of the input data in a fixed moment of time (given the delay for signal conversion).Combinational circuit, their types and principles of construction can be a topic for another article, as examples: Managed bus, мультиплексоры […]